Why Curespring

Why Curespring ?

Curespring enables extending specialized health care services to patients with remote access.Here are a few sample scenarios where Curespring can be used.


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Diagnostic labs in small towns do not have access to cardiologists for timely ECG interpretation or diabetologists for proper medical advice. Curespring helps diagnosticlabs to connect to specialists and sharepatients’ data.


Specialists are unable to enhance their reach to remote patients. Curespring helps specialists toextend their reach to remote physicians /clinics and provide patient care.


Many specialists do not get pathology /radiology reports in time. A case in point, was that pap smear test interpretation is taking more than a week for a gynecologist. Curespring helps solve such problems by helping doctors to store & share medical reports with pathologist / radiologists online.





Patients often have to travel at least 20kms to get medical help. Our goal at Curespring is to bridge this gap of distance & time by enabling the doctors & diagnostic labs connect to each other and share relevant information for enhanced patient care.