How It Works

How it works?

                  Curespring is an online platform ( both internet & mobile ) for extending your reach and providing remote healthcare service to patients. You can add doctors & diagnostic labs to your network. You can provide medical advice to patients and their medical records can be maintained.

To get started you:

1. Sign up for Curespring

     To use Curespring, you need to register. If you are not registered, you can register with us at Follow the instructions and you will receive an email notification.


 2. Log in

    To use Curespring, you need to login with your email credentials at


3. Connect with other doctors

      You can now establish your network. You can build your network with existing registered doctors. You can also invite new doctors to register and connect with you.


4. Manage your connections

    You manage your connections using “My Doctor Network” link and “My activity” links. You can send reminders; add more doctors to your network or remove doctors from your network.


5. Manage patients

You can add patients using “My patients” link. You can enter patient details, medical case details, attach any reports or images.


6. Consult patients

You consult patients using “Waiting room” link. You can view the medical reports / images of patients referred by doctors in your network and provide consultation and update case sheet.


7. Set up your personal profile

Here, you can edit your profile with your professional and personal information