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         700m+ Indians do not have access to affordable quality healthcare services. Most Indians have to on an average 20 kms, to reach a primary healthcare center.

To provide affordable and specialized healthcare for patients, coordinated work across physicians,diagnostic labs & specialist doctors is required. Today, physicians, specialists  & diagnostic labs are not connected and do not have a platform to share patient data to provide timely care. Hence we conceptualized Curespring as a solution to connect physicians, specialists  & diagnostic labs and enable specialist healthcare to patients. Patient data is shared with their consent to Specialists in Curesrping. Curespring also helps to connect multiple medical devices to capture, share diagnostic images and reports. Doctors & diagnostic labs can also build their own remote healthcare ecosystem.

We are a team of doctors & technologists with 150+ years of professional experience. Curespring is designed with inputs from 50+ doctors, is easy to use and uses the latest mobile & internet technologies.  Curespring’s vision is to enable reach of affordable healthcare services to patients withremote access. We plan to make Curespring the largest healthcare network in India.



Extend the reach of specialized healthcare services to patients with remote access.


It is a platform for Specialist Doctors for enhancing patient care by connecting with physicians and diagnostic labs. Patient referrals, consultations, second opinions and sharing of secure health care data with patient consent are made easy with our solution.


Integrating with medical devices and leveraging digital technologies (mobile & internet ) to bridge the gaps of cost & distance.


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